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ADANCO ——— A modern approach to composite-based structural equation modeling

ADANCO is a user-friendly software for composite-based structural equation modeling and confirmatory composite analysis. It implements several limited-information estimators, such as partial least squares path modeling (also called PLS modeling, PLS-SEM, or simply PLS) or ordinary least squares regression based on sum scores.


It has implemented the newest developments in the field of PLS, such as consistent PLS, dominant indicators to cope with sign indeterminacy, and overall goodness-of-fit tests.


ADANCO is available for Windows and Mac. Click here to obtain ADANCO.

ADANCO offers a unique set of features:

  • an easy-to-use, quick-to-learn graphical user interface,
  • use of truely reflective measurement models (latent variables),
  • use of composite models (emergent variables),
  • overall goodness-of-fit tests,
  • confirmatory composite analysis,
  • assessment of discriminant validity (HTMT, HTMT2),
  • estimation of direct, indirect, and total effects,
  • user-defined parameters,
  • advanced bootstrap, and
  • increased calculation speed.




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